Custom made Intuitive Baltic Amber Jewelry

Image of Custom made Intuitive Baltic Amber Jewelry


Handmade with genuine protective healing Jem stones and *Baltic Amber of various golden- earthy tones are made to order as a pendant, bracelet, anklet, or even a 3-in-1 necklace that can be worn to also fit as a bracelet or anklet and are made to be adjustable for use on infants, children or adults.

Designs vary with the artists inspirations...

These pieces are intuitive works made to you and your spirit. After feeling the presence of the client I go to action hand stringing a couture creation for you or your loved one(s).

GET YOUR HANDMADE BALTIC AMBER JEWELRY by choosing baby/child, adult, or 3-in-1 in our drop down menu options then please specify in a message if the item will be for a male or female. And include if you'd like a picture or some info about the wearer in the message/notes of your order so I can better create a truly unique necklace designed to fully benefit the person receiving this item.

*Baltic Amber has been used in traditional medicine to help reduce pain, inflammation, accelerate the healing process, and support the immune and nervous systems. Baltic Amber's healing properties are released when worn up against the skin as it is warmed up by the body. These healing benefits are then released by the stone and absorbed by the skin. Discover a tradition that has been widely used throughout Europe for generations. To get more info on Amber for healing see